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Measure Your Brand

AWARENESS:If you need to decipher your brand performance, first of all, you need to look at awareness which is one of the metrics to measure your brand performance. To measure the awareness, First, you need to measure the traffic of your website for each day, month, or year. See how many visitors are visiting your

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Tips For Explainer Video

CHOOSE THE APPROPRIATE STYLE: For Explainer videos, you can use animated explainer video and non-animated video. Be aware of the appropriate style. Why I am saying appropriate style means? Based on your business the style of This video gets different. If you are a service provider, it is recommended that you have to use an

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Mistakes In Landing Page

PLACING TOO MANY THINGS IN LANDING PAGEAccording to a recent study, landing pages attract more visitors, do you know why?  Because there won’t be too many things on the same landing page.Placing too many things on one landing page can lead to failure before its start. For instance, you are an OTT service provider.You are

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Digital Marketing Importance

Digital Marketing is Important During Pandemic? Digital marketing is the marketing and promotion of products and services using Internet-enabled devices such as computers, mobiles, etc. Digital marketing can also be done using online social networking sites. Now let's look at the role of digital marketing in times of pandemic. DOWNFALL OF

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Rank On Search Engine

Factors That Influences Your Rank On Search Engine Result Page   Search engine ranks aren’t just about keywords anymore. In fact, they’re rarely about keywords these days. So if your rank isn’t going up as you hoped, it might be because you’re not paying attention to what influences a better rank. SOCIAL MEDIA Social media

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